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My computer was in the shop for almost a week because it had a virus. And I finally got it back yesterday. Plus, my wi-fi hasn't been working for some time. I'm happy now.

Okay, so I went to the mall today with the intention to just visit the bookstore. But, of course, I was distracted by this new store called Papaya. This store is very similar to Forever 21 in many ways. The clothes are VERY similar. But I don't really like their quality of shoes, bags, and accessories. And I really like the prices for the clothes. The prices are a little bit lower than Forever 21. I only picked up one top today. But I will go back soon to get more stuff.

This top caught my eye and of course I had to get it. I love the words "Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)" on it.

Recently, I started a new book series called House of Night. My friend introduced me to it and let me tell you, I AM HOOKED. It's about vampires but it's A LOT better than the Twilight series. Seriously, A LOT better. House of Night reminds me of Harry Potter, but with vampires. The series hasn't been finished yet. I heard there will be a bout 6 more books out...? Oh, and there's a movie in the works currently. And I just have to say this, THE COVERS FOR THE BOOKS ARE SO PRETTY. ♥ The next book, Awakened, will be released on Janruary 4, 2011. And The Fledgling Handbook (you will know what this is if you read the series) will be released on October 26, 2010. By the way, a mother and daughter wrote this series. I find that really cool.

Anyway, I need to back up a little, to last weekend. Last weekend I went over my friend's house. Well, we went shopping too and of course I picked up some stuff. But I will talk about that later. We watched so many movies. Detroit Rock City, Zombieland, The Hangover, Jennifer's Body, Role Models...okay, so we were rudely interrupted by a spider. A spider was crawling on my leg and my friend and I screamed and literally did laps around the house. This spider was BIG. No guy will ever make me scream or weat like that. Of course, we did a Harry Potter movie marathon. She's a Harry Potter dork just like me. But once again we were rudely interrupted. But not by a spider this time, by a BOY. This guy she's interested texted her asking her to hang out at the park with him and I was supposed to tag along. So he said one of his friends (a boy) was going to tag a long too. We were all WTFPARK! I mean seriously, a PARK?! We didn't end up going since it was weird. But it was definitely an eventful weekend.

That's the stuff I picked up from the mall last weekend~ All the lotions smell sweet and refreshing. I have to say that I love Amber Romance. And the spray works wonderfully. ♥
Oh no you didn't!
You know, I hate being emo, but my situation leaves me no choice. Sometimes I really hate my life. I really wonder why certain things MUST happen. I know God loves me, but come on! Give me a break! So basically, SOMEONE STOLE MY DAD'S FUCKING CAR! It's not even a great car. It's a 1997 white Dodge Grand Caravan. That car mean so much to him. So many family memories. A pro definately did this because it was so clean around the parking lot. No broken glass or nothing. We filed a police report and contacted the insurance agent. We did all of this on Wednesday. Hopefully they find his car. >:/ I know this can happen to anyone, BUT COME ON!!!

On a little more postive note, I got my AP exams result back. I recieved a 3 on my AP Psyc exam. YEAAHHHHH NO PSYC 101 for me in College! A 3 isn't that great but I'm proud of myself. AP Bio ...I'd rather not talk about that. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD I WORKED IN THOSE 2 AP CLASSES?! ALL THE BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS! ALL THE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS! ALL THE STRESS! I ALMOST DIED! ...But I didn't. I survived my first year of taking AP classes. And in the end I recieved College credit for one of the classes. Oh and I recieved my results before my dad's car was stolen.

To prevent myself from being too emo, I decided to reread my Harry Potter books. I just started book 3, and I've rerealized (is that even a word?) that they changed so many things in the movies. In the end, the books are always BETTER than the movies. But, that doesn't mean don't like the movies! I love the movies! And I can't wait until November! The two parts thing is going to kill me though.
28th-Jun-2010 11:18 pm - So I've given it some thought...
I think I'm going to go public again. As in everyone and anyone can see my posts. It's not like I'm going to post anything super personal about my self. Even if I do, I'll just lock those type of entries. You know? I'm only going to unlock most recent entries. My older entries will remain locked. I've thought about deleting the old entries, or making a new blog, but I think this is the best choice.

So anyway! I haven't posted in days! I really suck at blogging, don't I? Nothing too interesting has happened to me in the last couple of days. I've discovered THE DOLLARS PAGE!. Thanks to Gen (mugiwara_shojo). I REALLY love Durarara!! now. So much. And I went shopping with my mom on Friday. I forgot how much I love shopping with my mom. Recently I've only went shopping with my friends.

I picked up two tops from Forever21. Of course. My mom picked out the first shirt. She thought the cat with the top hat was really cute. I totally agree! It has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel to it? I guess? Haha. But I have to say, the second is my favorite purchase. The frills on the bottom are gorgeous. And! Look at the back.

It has a bow~ I love bows. I seriously have an obsession with bows. The first shirt has a bow and now this one. Also, when I'm at the mall, if I see something with a bow I have this strong urge to buy it. It's really bad.

I also bought a top from Hollister. I wasn't planning on getting anything from there but they were having one of their HUGE sales, so I could not resist. But I'm too lazy to post a picture a picture of it. It's a really simple t-shirt. I bought it so that I can wear it when I exercise or something.

Gahhh! I really need to do more productive things. Shopping should not be the only thing I do this summer! I need a job! But I've been exercising? That's pretty productive. Also I've lost a few pounds. I've also been reading a lot. Well, rereading. I'm so obsessed with Ellen Wittlinger books now. I'll tell you more about that in my next post. It will be a post dedicated to BOOKS!
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