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What time is it now?
It's time for a change.
So I've given it some thought... 
28th-Jun-2010 11:18 pm
I think I'm going to go public again. As in everyone and anyone can see my posts. It's not like I'm going to post anything super personal about my self. Even if I do, I'll just lock those type of entries. You know? I'm only going to unlock most recent entries. My older entries will remain locked. I've thought about deleting the old entries, or making a new blog, but I think this is the best choice.

So anyway! I haven't posted in days! I really suck at blogging, don't I? Nothing too interesting has happened to me in the last couple of days. I've discovered THE DOLLARS PAGE!. Thanks to Gen (mugiwara_shojo). I REALLY love Durarara!! now. So much. And I went shopping with my mom on Friday. I forgot how much I love shopping with my mom. Recently I've only went shopping with my friends.

I picked up two tops from Forever21. Of course. My mom picked out the first shirt. She thought the cat with the top hat was really cute. I totally agree! It has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel to it? I guess? Haha. But I have to say, the second is my favorite purchase. The frills on the bottom are gorgeous. And! Look at the back.

It has a bow~ I love bows. I seriously have an obsession with bows. The first shirt has a bow and now this one. Also, when I'm at the mall, if I see something with a bow I have this strong urge to buy it. It's really bad.

I also bought a top from Hollister. I wasn't planning on getting anything from there but they were having one of their HUGE sales, so I could not resist. But I'm too lazy to post a picture a picture of it. It's a really simple t-shirt. I bought it so that I can wear it when I exercise or something.

Gahhh! I really need to do more productive things. Shopping should not be the only thing I do this summer! I need a job! But I've been exercising? That's pretty productive. Also I've lost a few pounds. I've also been reading a lot. Well, rereading. I'm so obsessed with Ellen Wittlinger books now. I'll tell you more about that in my next post. It will be a post dedicated to BOOKS!
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