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My computer is working properly again! 
1st-Aug-2010 10:07 pm
My computer was in the shop for almost a week because it had a virus. And I finally got it back yesterday. Plus, my wi-fi hasn't been working for some time. I'm happy now.

Okay, so I went to the mall today with the intention to just visit the bookstore. But, of course, I was distracted by this new store called Papaya. This store is very similar to Forever 21 in many ways. The clothes are VERY similar. But I don't really like their quality of shoes, bags, and accessories. And I really like the prices for the clothes. The prices are a little bit lower than Forever 21. I only picked up one top today. But I will go back soon to get more stuff.

This top caught my eye and of course I had to get it. I love the words "Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)" on it.

Recently, I started a new book series called House of Night. My friend introduced me to it and let me tell you, I AM HOOKED. It's about vampires but it's A LOT better than the Twilight series. Seriously, A LOT better. House of Night reminds me of Harry Potter, but with vampires. The series hasn't been finished yet. I heard there will be a bout 6 more books out...? Oh, and there's a movie in the works currently. And I just have to say this, THE COVERS FOR THE BOOKS ARE SO PRETTY. ♥ The next book, Awakened, will be released on Janruary 4, 2011. And The Fledgling Handbook (you will know what this is if you read the series) will be released on October 26, 2010. By the way, a mother and daughter wrote this series. I find that really cool.

Anyway, I need to back up a little, to last weekend. Last weekend I went over my friend's house. Well, we went shopping too and of course I picked up some stuff. But I will talk about that later. We watched so many movies. Detroit Rock City, Zombieland, The Hangover, Jennifer's Body, Role Models...okay, so we were rudely interrupted by a spider. A spider was crawling on my leg and my friend and I screamed and literally did laps around the house. This spider was BIG. No guy will ever make me scream or weat like that. Of course, we did a Harry Potter movie marathon. She's a Harry Potter dork just like me. But once again we were rudely interrupted. But not by a spider this time, by a BOY. This guy she's interested texted her asking her to hang out at the park with him and I was supposed to tag along. So he said one of his friends (a boy) was going to tag a long too. We were all WTFPARK! I mean seriously, a PARK?! We didn't end up going since it was weird. But it was definitely an eventful weekend.

That's the stuff I picked up from the mall last weekend~ All the lotions smell sweet and refreshing. I have to say that I love Amber Romance. And the spray works wonderfully. ♥
2nd-Aug-2010 06:48 pm (UTC)
uuuh sorry for not commenting earlier ;o;

I love your top, it looks nice *_* But sadly I don't know this shop, here in Germany we have shops like H&M, vero moda, esprit/edc, s.oliver, replay, only etc. (omg kinda weird to write them down like this xD)
Definetely interesting ^__^

I heard of this book series before! So you can recommend it? Maybe I'll take a look at it :)

Hikki deshita~
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